Real time Client Reporting

How Does Our Reporting Module Work?

Our real-time reporting module is has a user friendly dashboard that allows access to real-time reporting on your event registration statistics, including who’s checked in, when, by who and using what device.

This module is fully customisable to your requirements, allowing you to choose which data you want to see. Use our report module to customise fields, filter and sort data and create your downloadable reports in any way that you desire.


Real-Time Statistics On Any Device

With real time reporting, we can send a token to your device from our system that gives you access to live check in data, allowing you to monitor registration from any part of the venue, at any time.

Log in to see real-time reporting for things like table plans, session attendance and arrival times. We will work with you closely to make sure we meet your wishes and maintain contact with you throughout the course of your project.


Session and Breakout Room Reporting

If you want to monitor session attendance at your event, we can set you up with mini session scanners that record which delegates went to which session, at what time, and what the session total was.

After the event has finished, we can send you a finalised room report for each breakout session, so you have a full delegate report for each room that was scanned into on the day.


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