Contactless Registration

As well as being safe and secure, contactless event registration speeds up arrivals and minimises contact.



Online Registration Forms

In Person Self Check in

 Prior to the event, we can work with you and link your data collated into our check-in system so you can offer fast, hassle-free contactless registration. A QR or Pin code can then be sent to guests in advance, offering them a “fast-track” check-in pass.

The pandemic has made the event and experiential industry pause on live events. But it does not stop event planners to find a way to carry on.

Thanks to technology, a safer event is possible using various tech tools for contactless event registration.

There was a dip in activities in the events and experiential industry since the first quarter of 2020. 

This causes a downfall in activities bringing on-ground events to a complete halt which resulted in repercussions across various aspects within the industry.

However, with the huge strides in vaccination efforts, the event industry is looking forward to getting back on the ground. 

Fast QR scanning

> quick and easy event check-in and badging (if needed)
> QR codes can be sent to guests by email or SMS, from our system
> staff can use our easy handheld scanners for onsite registration
> guests can use QR codes on any device or on a printed document


Session Scanning

The system can also manage your event breakout session’s, it helps to know which session an attendee (participant) attended.




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